Pine Belt residents are taking control of diabetes!

Pine Belt residents attended a free educational program on May 30 at noon to learn about taking control of diabetes, featuring Diabetes Patient and A1C Champions® Program member Jim Murphy.

Murphy, a member of the Sanofi-supported A1C Champions® Program, visited the Diabetes Care Center at Forrest General’s LiveWell Center to share diabetes self-management and lifestyle strategies based on extensive training and his personal experience living with diabetes.

Topics covered included: Achieving good glucose control, learning about effective self-management, developing a balanced healthy lifestyle, planning and prioritizing diabetes management, overcoming fears surrounding diabetes, and finding resources for diabetes support.

Forrest General’s Diabetes Care Center is committed to helping patients effectively manage their diabetes, with a goal of reducing Mississippi’s statistics by teaching healthy lifestyles and helping individuals make small changes that really work.

For more information on Forrest General’s Diabetes Care Center, call 601-288-1780 or visit Physician referral is required for participation in the Diabetes Care Center’s programs.

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