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In the Hospitality State and at Forrest General, we understand what it means to give and receive warm service. Additionally, in healthcare, we expect a safe environment and exceptional care. Recently, so much has changed about our lives — the way we shop, socialize, work and learn — and especially how we experience healthcare. Today and always Forrest General is doing everything possible to ensure your health and safety. As we focus on our mission to do what is best for our patients, we want you to know your health, wellness, and peace of mind continues to be our most important priority.

Infection Prevention & Cleanliness

We understand that infection prevention measures and cleanliness of your healthcare settings has never been more important. When you walk through our doors, you are entering the safest environment possible. We have implemented measures such as limited entrances, symptoms screenings and new visitor guidelines that help decrease the chances of spreading infections. Additionally, we have intensified our sanitation process and are vigilant in ensuring our facilities are as clean and safe as possible. Even before COVID-19, the hospital implemented the latest technology in infection prevention, the Xenex Light Strike Robot, which uses UVC light to clean rooms after Environmental Services (EVS) personnel manually clean the room. Our EVS personnel use the best cleaning processes, techniques and antiviral cleaners throughout every area of the hospital. In addition to this double layer of protection, Forrest General has implemented new measures such as our mask-up policies, social distancing measures, and segmenting patients diagnosed with COVID-19. These are just a few examples of the many ways we are keeping our patients and visitors safe.

Technology and Healthcare

The health IT field has revolutionized what we can offer our patients. Not only does it allow us to keep track of your health history, medications, immunizations, and treatment, but it also allows us to exchange health information with your healthcare providers more easily and efficiently. Two great examples of this type of technology are the Rover hand held devices and the Iris patient portal. The Rover looks like a cell phone but is a dedicated device for our clinicians to not only review patient data but also to document needed information for more direct interaction with you, the patient, during the process. Iris, a free and secure application you downloaded to your smart phone or access from your desktop computer, provides you with easy, fast and convenient access to your health information. You can manage appointments, see test results, renew prescriptions, pay bills on line, and so much more. Healthcare technology today also provides Forrest General with data platforms to track important information, such as confirmed COVID-19 case numbers, that we in turn can report back to local, state and federal officials. This keeps our community informed and safe.

Telehealth Benefits: Healthcare from the Convenience and Comfort of Home

From information-sharing to remote diagnoses, online medicine is quickly making real-time medical expertise available anytime, anywhere. Many healthcare providers are now more commonly utilizing virtual visits to treat their patients for both well and sick appoints. Here are five benefits of virtual visits:

  1. Reduces exposure to transmittable viruses and diseases
  2. Easily accessible electronic health records
  3. Remote diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  4. Monitoring of chronically ill patients at home
  5. Immediate after-visit-summary with doctor recommendations and additional resources for information

It is important to continue your physician visits and not delay getting the care you need. Be sure to speak to your doctor about telehealth visit options.

There is not enough room in this publication to cover everything the hospital does to provide high levels of quality care. For instance, we did not touch on telemedicine, health education, screenings opportunities, and advanced equipment and treatment options. However, at the end of the day, the reason we do what we do is because we truly care about everyone who walks through our doors. So, as much as we have covered information about “what” we do, the “why” we do it, is even more important. Our organization and team of professionals are committed to Forrest General’s We C.A.R.E. Values, demonstrating the warmth and compassion our patients deserve and need to recover from illness or injury.

Warm Service. Safe Environment. Exceptional Care. It’s not just a slogan. It’s our promise—our commitment to you.

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